Advantages of Camp

Our Camps pay for good coaches: College coaches, high school coaches, and professional players. We try to keep the costs down to No profit or low profit to benefit campers. Trophies, free-t shirts, liability insurance, advertising in local papers, printing, gym rentals, snacks and drinks for break, mailing of brochures, etc are all expenses for the camp. We feel that as many camps as you can attend and as many games as you can play, you will improve faster. Because at your age, you do not have a lot of time to improve yourself and still be part of the starting lineup. AAU teams take the best players, and play the best. Attending camps can get you on one of these teams and practice can help you get off the bench and on the the floor!


1. To help families with more than one child, there is a discounted price for siblings!

2. To help former campers, a ten dollar discount!

3. To help any young basketball player afford and gain 3 hrs and 30 minutes per day of extra basketball.

4. Early registration benefits all players, and helps us to prepare a better camp for you! 



 And don't forget:

* There is a coach at every basket for each age group at the Aggression Camp.

* When your shot is off, how do you score? We will show!

* A five day camp! Most college camps are abbreviated to 3 or 4 days!

* This is a day camp where you will not get into troubling situations as in an overnight camps, yet you will make lifetime friends because these players live within your local area.

* You will have 4 chances by repetition to learn the new moves being taught.

    1. A coach who will do the first instruction because it is a specialty of their field.

    2. Repeat instruction by an individual coach within your group.

    3. A drill set up by the coach within your group to learn the move.   

    4. Competition which will include the new move within your group.

* In addition to offensive moves, you will be taught defensive techniques to stop your opponent. 

* You will be taught rebounding techniques and tricks to steal the ball.

* You will be taught where to hold the ball, where to put your hands, whether to push or lift the shot, the advantage of the spin, what to correct when your shot goes in and bounces out, as well as the new technique that the NBA players are using to increase their accuracy in the free throw shot.

* If you shoot properly with arm, finger, feet, and body placement, as well as arch, focus, and spin you will become a better shooter faster! Personal, hard work makes a better shooter! Shooting is repetition, and it may be boring to some, but repetition is the best teacher! 


  • "My daughter was at your camp last summer. Her coaches and several of her teammates' parents asked what I had done to make my daughter so much better at basketball. Both Madison ..."
    Duane Valyo
    pleased parent
  • ""If you can't buy a basket, The Camp of Aggression's methods will keep you a high scorer, even when your shooting is off.""
    Aaron Beiler
    Meyersdale High School Head Coach

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