Quotes "I learned more at this camp than at all the big camps where I paid more money and spent longer hours!" Quotes
Ed Ruth
Former Camper, Chesnut Ridge H.S.

Quotes My daughter was at your camp last summer. Her coaches and several of her teammates' parents asked what I had done to make my daughter so much better at basketball. Both Madison and I credit the Camp of Aggression and Shooting as the reason!! She has even been invited to join an AAU team! Quotes
Duane Valyo
pleased parent

Quotes "If you can't buy a basket, The Camp of Aggression's methods will keep you a high scorer, even when your shooting is off." Quotes
Aaron Beiler
Meyersdale High School Head Coach

Quotes " If you learn one more move to add to your offensive arsenal, you will become a much better player. At Mr. Loya's camp, you'll develop those moves!" Quotes
Theresa Shaffer
Former Camper and Coach, Bishop McCort H.S. and CCACC

Quotes " Lots of kids like this camp because they have the ball in their hands more than at any other camp." Quotes
Bob Byer
Johnstown Parochial Basketball Coach

Quotes " I like the way we teach. First we demonstrate, then they try the move, and then we get to see them use the moves in our 3-on-3 games." Quotes
Phil Rimmer
former Manchester Jets Pro player

Quotes " If you have the ability to shoot outside and penetrate, you have got something special and will be hard to stop. This camp teaches how to develop those skills!" Quotes
Devlin Herring * See write up in this year's brochure
Former Camper, Pitt-Johnstown, All American