About the Aggression Camp

Our camp is 3.5 hours, a maximum for going full speed! Everything we do is designed to force you to play at your maximum! After a five-ten minute motivational demonstration of one of our 40 scoring moves, you will immediately get a chance to try out your new move with a group of players comparable to your ability.

You will find yourself with the ball in your hands more often because of the types of drills and games we play. A coach will be assigned to you for your development and encouragement! These games will force you to develop new ways of scoring and a variety of offensive moves since you have the ball in your hands so often! Our camp is different and difficult, yet rewarding!

Our main purpose is to teach you how to not only be a better scorer, but how to become a better PLAYER!!

Why you should choose our camp....
  • Top Notch Staff - Our coaches are excellent teachers of fine character and have experience!
  • Limited Enrollment - Don't just send your child to a camp where he or she will be just another number!
  • Award Recognition - Many trophies and prizes will be awarded to help motivate campers!
  • Camp T-Shirts for Everyone - A reminder for campers to play aggressively once they leave camp!
  • Continuous Competition -But with instruction and plenty of individualized attention!
  • Low Instructor/Coach Ratio - No camper gets lost in the shuffle at this camp!
  • Confidence Builder - With continuous competition, campers will develop a level of confidence that they never had before!
  • Defensive Positioning -On the floor instruction that is guaranteed to improve a player's defensive tenacity!
  • Offensive Positioning -The introduction of moves that are guaranteed to improve a player's scoring potential!
  • Camp Director Presence- A camp director who will be at the camp every day, working with campers!
  • No Hiding - 3-on-3 teamwork basketball emphasized, where each player cannot be avoided by their teammates as in a 5-on-5 game!
  • College Recruiting Contact - If you desire, the camp director will personally contact a college coach of your choice about your abilities!
  • Motivational Speeches -"How an athlete with average skills can succeed by being aggressive!"
  • Low Tuition - The low camp fee will not be beaten

Recent Photos


  • "My daughter was at your camp last summer. Her coaches and several of her teammates' parents asked what I had done to make my daughter so much better at basketball. Both Madison ..."
    Duane Valyo
    pleased parent
  • ""If you can't buy a basket, The Camp of Aggression's methods will keep you a high scorer, even when your shooting is off.""
    Aaron Beiler
    Meyersdale High School Head Coach